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Sharma Ethnic Cuisines, Mdina

Sharma Ethnic Cuisines, Mdina

Sharma was one of those places which I had wanted to visit due the only positive comments I had heard from friends, however....
Ta' Xbiex Waterpolo Club and Bistro, Ta' Xbiex

Ta’ Xbiex Waterpolo Club and Bistro, Ta’ Xbiex

Whilst I was recently enjoying a pleasant walk along the Ta' Xbiex seafront I noticed the revamped Waterpolo Club....
Il-Baxa Café Bar - Rabat, Malta

Il-Baxa Café Bar – Rabat, Malta

I have been wanting to pay a visit to Il-Baxa since a friend passionately mentioned what she ate....
Dine West - Mgarr, Malta

Dine West – Mgarr, Malta

Everytime we passed by this restaurant over the weekend, it always looked full, so we thought of giving it a try....
Diwan's Indian Restaurant - Qawra

Diwan’s Indian Restaurant – Qawra

The website describes the restaurant as an innovative concept of indian fusion restaurant. To be fair that is what I experienced the first time I was there, exactly a year ago. Unfortunately it was nothing of the sort last Saturday...

New Madras Indian Restaurant, Bugibba, Malta

Date of Last Visit: Friday 28th January 2012 The Location: Bugibba, corner with Fat Harry’s…You cannot miss the green neon light sign!  No of Victims:  9 The Damage: EUR 30 each including wine The atmosphere:  A  strong and spicy smell greets you once you walk in the restaurant, along with a soft touch of Indian music in the...
Il Cantiere ristorante, Sliema

Il Cantiere ristorante, Sliema

The place has been redecorated. It looks more vibrant now, but still offers its patrons the same intimate feel of the previous Snoopy’s. Upstairs is used for dining whereas in the seating downstairs one can enjoy a bottle of wine along with some antipasti.
La Sfoglia, Valletta

La Sfoglia, Valletta

The ideal place to get away from the chaos, though it might not be everyone’s piece of cake to dine in an underground room. There are in fact two adjacent rooms, and it can be very intimate if the restaurant is not busy.
Duo Restaurant, Qawra

Duo Restaurant, Qawra

Décor is a combination of contemporary chairs and tables with the warm touches of fuchsia, white and silver, whereas shelves display antique items, such as an old typewriter, old sewing machine...
Ta' Kris Maltese Bistro, Sliema

Ta’ Kris Maltese Bistro, Sliema

The restaurant is situated in an alley off one of daytime’s busiest Sliema roads. Once we climbed up the few steps that leave Bisazza Street behind, we found ourselves into a jam-packed restaurant. We were greeted by the hostess, to who we gladly confirmed our reservation.

I Monelli Paceville – Second visit

In my opinion here they serve the best pizza on the island. The dough is exceptional and does not make you feel bloated after finishing off a whole pizza.  Pizzas are loaded with just the right amount of fresh and finest Italian ingredients.  It had to be I Monelli when my group of friends were...

I Monelli, Paceville

Date of Last Visit: Wednesday 17/02/2010 for dinner No of Victims: writer and two guests The Damage: EUR 66 The Entrance:  I must say that whoever designed this restaurant did a superb job.  From the moment you walk up the five/six stairs and enter through the automatic sliding door, you immense yourself in a truly...